AccessCORPS Student Survey

AccessCORPS is coordinating a two-part research initiative to gain insights into their experiences with accessibility at Georgia Tech. This process involves surveying and interviewing Georgia Tech students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). By understanding their perspectives, we aim to pinpoint areas in need of improvement and strategically focus our efforts to bring about positive changes.

Survey is in Progress.

AccessCORPS Faculty Survey

AccessCORPS is in the beginning stages of amending course curriculum to be accessible to all students at Georgia Tech. To aid our outreach to professors at Georgia Tech, our research team has developed a survey to gather information about professors’ knowledge and ability to make their courses accessible to all students and their interest in working with the AccessCORPS to improve the accessibility of their courses. 

Faculty Survey Report

Matrix of Human Diversity

To define the term inclusive in order to proactively create inclusive content, and this project does just that. AccessCORPS utilizes a matrix of human diversity that include bodily, sensory, social, cognitive, emotional, experimental, and environmental diversity. This matrix highlights areas where the course content needs to be improved. Once these areas are identified, experts and users will be informed of how these diverse individuals may interact with content and point out areas for future development.